Alat Ukur HB

Easy Touch GHB:1.Gula Darah, 2.Hemoglobin
Pabrikan : Kenrnel Int’l Corp Taiwan
Harga : Rp.410.000
Refill :1.Gula darah/box isi 25 stp Rp.95.000, 2.Hemoglobin/box isi 25 Stp harga Rp.150.000

Isi setiap pembelian alat:
1.Meter/alat check digital
2.Check strip
3.Manual Book
4.Punk turer/pen lanchet
7.Log Book
9.Test strip : 10 Gula darah, 5.Hemoglobin


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  1. ada discount gak kalo beli banyak ?


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