Pulse Oximeter-Zondan

SpO2 Monitor atau Pulse Oximeter Simulator adalah suatu alat yang berfungsi sebagai virtual pasien khususnya jari tangan untuk menguji alat pulse oximeter. Simulator ini mensimulasikan pasien dengan berbagai kondisi kandungan oksigen dalam darah.

Fingertip SpO2, A4 w/ multi position display (1.850.000) warna Hitam

Features :
1. LCD display, easy to operate.
2. Low Power consumption 50 hours continous to work
3. Low Perfusion <=0,4%
4. Visual alarm function, Real-time spot-checks.
5. Low voltage indicator
6. Automatic power off when no signal
7. Reliable accurancy and durability
8. Small and light weight, convenient to carry

Technical specification:
1. Display type : OLED two color display.
2. SP02 measurement range : 70%-99%.
PR measurement range : 30-240BPM.
3. Resolution : ±1% for SP02, ±1BFM for Pulse Rate.
4. Accuracy : ±2% (70%-99%), unspecified(±70%) for SP02.
5. Low Perfusion : <= 0.4%.
6. Power: two of 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline batteries.
7. Power consumption : <30mA.
8. Automatic power-of : the product will automatically be powered off when no signal is in the product for longer than 8 seconds.
9. Weight : total weight is about 50g including batteries.


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